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Authentic Self


Meet Courtney

Certified Life Coach

Bachelor and Master of Arts in Communication

Hi!  I’m Courtney and I’m an eclectic gypsy soul.  A small-town girl who loves weekends in the big city.  A spiritual enthusiast who has a deep belief in God and the universe but is wary of human interpretations.  A rock n’ roller who knows the power of mantras and meditation.  A lifetime scholar who digs pop culture. A vivacious introvert.  In other words – I do not fit into ANY box!  (Which, honestly, used to frighten me until I learned to embrace all of who I am.)

Start  Your  Journey  Today


someone/something that causes change to happen; anything that increases the rate of change

8 Weeks

Optimal Living Life Coaching Package

A deep dive into your optimal life, what's blocking you, and bridging the gap.

6 Weeks


of Change

A study of your current story and practical tools for how you can best embody centered, authentic living

3 Sessions



An exploration of your

center and how

to embody it.


Courtney has a very welcoming and accepting nature.  She also has an upbeat manner and positive attitude.  I started this journey not really aware of all of the areas I wanted to focus on for improvement and Courtney helped me drill down and identify the areas where I was stuck.  In our sessions I was given plenty of tools and positive reinforcement to help me work through my stuck areas and I am still using many of these tools in my everyday life.  My experience completely blew my preconceived notions about what life coaching was out of the water.  I would 100% highly recommend Courtney!


I began talking to Courtney because the work overload and stress from my business was making me truly unhappy and was beginning to ruin my sense of self as well as my marriage. She helped me look at myself in a new way and find what was truly important in my life, then she helped me set goals and add structure to lead to a less stressful and more purposeful and fulfilling life. Courtney is easy to talk to, and she is brimming with practical wisdom. She showed me ways handle stress, manage my time more effectively, and perceive life in a more positive light. She gave me tools to do my job more effectively and efficiently, which has made my business work for me rather than me supporting my whole business. Courtney was amazing to work with; she challenged me, enlightened me, and motivated me to be the person I've always wanted to be.  


Courtney was a tremendous mentor to me through a confusing time, and was one of the few people who full heartedly believed in my dream of getting into a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program.  She helped me navigate an era of trying new things, meeting new people, and deciding who I truly want to be.  She helped guide me in determining how I could get the experience I needed for future veterinary work, as well as, worked with me step by step in formulating new research that focused on common miscommunication in the veterinary field.  There were many along my path who doubted my aspirations and offered to change my path.  However, Courtney never waned, and as of may 2019 I will have completed my first year of veterinary school.  I could not have accomplished this dream without her.


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