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Meet  Courtney

Trust your intuition and

success will follow

Neomi Rhyne


Hi!  I’m Courtney and I’m an eclectic gypsy soul.  A small-town girl who loves weekends in the big city.  A spiritual enthusiast who has a deep belief in God and the universe but is wary of human interpretations.  A rock n’ roller who knows the power of mantras and meditation.  A lifetime scholar who digs pop culture. A vivacious introvert.  In other words – I do not fit into ANY box!  (Which, honestly, used to frighten me until I learned to embrace all of who I am.)


I spent my 20s satiating my wanderlust, my early 30s building a family and career, and my late 30s/early 40s wondering if this was all life had to offer.  I have two sons, 13 and 17, was a college professor of Communication and English for 18 years and was widowed in 2017.  Finally, at 49, I believe I have accrued enough wisdom to assist others’ pursuit of a meaningful, optimized life.


During our sessions, we will probe into the buried truths that are holding you back from optimal living.  I will help you find the bravery to uncover and examine the gaps between where you are and your ideal.  I will laugh with you and cry with you along the way.  I will help your soul shine!


I am committed to combining my wisdom via life experiences, well-honed communication skills, research and teaching expertise, and ardent desire to serve others in a way that will be the CATALYST for up-level existence in my clients.

I currently reside in Gunnison, Colorado. My ideal client base is global, and I will work with people via Zoom or over the phone. If you live locally, we can meet in person.

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