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A  three month mastermind gently accessing the blaze within

Mastermind Objectives:  

In this light work mastermind you will learn about the principles of higher living and being, skills valuable in both the inner and outer worlds.

More specifically, as Angel Fire participants, you will participate in the co-creation of a more centered life.  We will analyze the desire for sparking your own blaze, critique and evaluate cultural norms around the existence of our blaze, and explore tools for best reigniting our own blaze.  The other major goal of Angel Fire is to gain an understanding of how to employ multiple strategies for generating, fanning, and exercising your own fire within. Additionally,  this mastermind will maximize  the value of group experience and open-minded discussion for uplifting everyone's psyche.

At the end of the mastermind, participants should gain an understanding of:

·         what makes their soul sizzle

·         how to tap into the inner blaze in gentle, tangible ways

·         the characteristics, functions and challenges of light work and studies

·         an awareness of their own spark within the larger flame

·         the techniques of active exploration of deeper living

·         the nature of critical thinking as soul spark

·         how groups can help evolve the fire of all humanity

Required Materials: 

Access to a computer, a Zoom account, and email are all essential. Instagram and Facebook accounts are recommended. Reading materials and podcasts will be sent to you via hyperlink or in emails.  

How it works: The course is a three-month intensive with opportunity to ignite both individually and within the group.  We are co-creating better access to your light - you get as much as you put into it.  For three months, you will be given weekly journal prompts, weekly meditations, two short readings, and three opportunities to interact in specifically designated private areas with all group members.  This work will be facilitated through the online platform Zoom, and supplemented by a private Facebook group with the opportunity for continued discussion throughout the duration of the program.


Because this course requires that participants develop a community, we must all endeavor to create good working relationships.  Furthermore, light work by its very nature is vulnerable and can prove difficult and sometimes frightening.  For this reason I require complete respect of yourself and other participants.  Civility must be extended at all times to all participants; “at all times” refers to the time spent both in and out of the module, in real life and electronically. Failure to adhere to civil communications and behaviors will result in your immediate expulsion from the program.



The basic schedule is two 90 minute Zoom sessions per month, for three months. The schedule is inherently subject to subtle changes as the unique makeup of our particular group proceeds.  Every effort will be made to accommodate schedules and the growth of the group as a whole.  

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