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Course Correction

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Ever played Mario Kart? It’s one of the classics, and one of my all-time favorite games (mainly because it’s one I actually have a chance at winning!). The reason I’m (kinda) good at it is course-correction. When I get off course I immediately, almost instinctively, make a decision: is it an acceptable path to moving forward? If so, shore up and carry on. Is it the wrong course or a dead end (or am I going backwards lol!)? If so, g · e · n · t · l · y correct course and carry on. Gently is key. No overreacting. Over-correction is deadly, throwing you into a jerky zig-zagging fiasco which takes you nowhere fast. All hail Mario Kart!!

What does my joyous love of Mario, Bowzer and Princess Peach racing around magical worlds have to do with soul shine or life coaching? It’s all about gentle course-correction. In life, this requires two things. First, the tools for course-correction. These come from readings, mantras, coaches, prayers, research, counselors, friends, listening, self-attunement. I’d love to help you garner these tools. I’d love to join in your acquisition of these tools. I’d love to introduce you to the myriad of tools I’ve found that work for me. Here are some examples of the tools for course-correction we might explore and implement if you were my client:

Journaling. Journaling is a fantastic way to come face-to-face with your thoughts and fears and beliefs and dreams. If you like to write, journaling is a natural extension of your soul-growth journey. If you don’t like to write, or have trouble expressing yourself, journaling can be excruciating. (In fact, even for those of us who DO enjoy this creative mode of expression, journaling can often times be excruciating!) What I’ve found works best for me is PROMPTS. A place to start, a jumping off point, an assignment that allows for a little detachment while you get started. Then, as you get rolling and get some practice, you’ll notice that your truth begins to find its way to the page. Some days what you write will astonish you, some days it will deflate you, some days it will infuriate you. What you do with the writing is up to you: discuss it, dissect it, destroy it… In any case, I believe in the effectiveness of this tool so much that when you start your life coach journey with me you will receive a perfect new journal just for signing up!

Meditation. There are so many avenues to get started here! An app my male clients and acquaintances tend to prefer is Headspace. Created by sports scientist turned monk turned consultant Andy Buddicombe, Headspace is meditation made simple, a space where “A few minutes could change your whole day.” Another option might be learning one meditation you can use day or night, regardless of location or wifi service. Author, speaker, meditator and spirit junkie Gabrielle Bernstein teaches the Kundalini Kriya Saa Taa Naa Maa, “A simple, yet profound meditation” to redirect your focus from fear or anxiety to love and abundance. This is an easy to remember, uncomplicated to execute meditation that can be done anytime, anywhere. It is accomplished via mudras (finger positions) that are natural and soothing. For explicit instructions see or pages 58-59 in The Universe Has Your Back.

Devotionals. If your spirituality trends more towards the religious, devotionals are an excellent self-love and growth tool for course correction. Log on to for a daily dose of inspiration accompanied by scripture. (Or you can subscribe to the hard copy – I carried these around in my purse for years for grounding and uplifting purposes!) Another great option is to purchase yourself a copy of Jesus Calling or Jesus Always, two beautiful devotionals by the earnest and eloquent Sara Young. Sarah offers a dialogue with Jesus so that readers can enjoy the “balm of his Peace." Finally, if you are feeling particularly contemplative and ready to dig deep into the role of the religious in both your conscious and subconscious, you might try the mighty A Course in Miracles. I have been working with this text for the past several months. Let me just say, it is not for the casual of soul-growth. Working with this text requires time, contemplation, concentration, and consistent effort. A spiritual running buddy or group adds immensely to your understanding of ACIM. The results, pulling you closer to your belief and understanding of a higher power, are astounding.

The above are just a small selection of the myriad tools for course-correction available during the journey to self-growth and love. But let’s not get too distracted by all the ‘power-ups’ available. Using these wisely throughout your journey (or Mario Kart race) also requires the gentle application of course-correction tools. Unlike Mario Kart, there is no finish line. The journey to our best selves is continual, throughout our entire lives. We will veer off course, and course-correction must occur with forgiveness. Falling off course is not indicative of your lack of worth or inherent “badness.” Falling off course and noticing it is evidence of your growth. There is pain involved in growth and change. Needing course correction does not mean you are bad, or unworthy, or inadequate, it simply means you are human. As my remarkable coach Caitlin Winkley extols, “Life is a classroom for the soul,” and “Nothing in nature lives constantly in the light.” Planet Earth = Soul School. Learn, then integrate. Learn, then integrate. Course-correction makes you feel a bit vulnerable, but in vulnerability there is connection. “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they're never weakness,” clarifies Brené Brown in Daring Greatly. Gentle, consistent course-correction is the path to an enjoyable journey and a PhD in life’s spiritual journey. See you on the course!



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